Compact test system for highly complex test tasks. 4 voltage outputs and 6 current outputs which can provide particularly high output power allow three-phase tests on static, digital and self-powered relays.Output of control commands via binary outputs ARTES 460 | 600 test systems can address the protection device under test with binary signals as well as with analog measurement quantities. These binary signals are generated simultaneously with the analog quantities and can be used as control commands for the protection device during the test procedure.


The IMP-Monitor can be used to check the operating times and impedance zones of distance protection devices.

The programme automatically calculates the test values for the defined fault impedances and the selected fault type. The required fault impedance is defined in the complex impedance plane or in the distance-time diagram.

In addition, the IMP-Monitor enables the ARC (Auto-Reclose) function of the protective equipment to be checked. The aim of this test is to verify the dead times of a successful or unsuccessful auto-reclose operation.