LB-1120 DC load unit is specially designed for discharge experiment, battery capacity test, battery maintenance, engineering examination and other tests for DC power with load. It is specifically designed for 110V battery system with max discharge current of 200A. This makes it applicable for battery discharge in the areas of power utility. With its optional Data Acquisition Case (DAC), you will have a real-time monitoring for the whole process of discharge with wireless communication in PC.


1) K-3980 has different customized models to meet requirement of customers from

various industries exactly.

2) Its optional data loggers enable a wireless communication with computer. And it

will monitor the whole process of discharge including voltage of EACH cell.

3) Standard discharge function and other functions like assistant discharge, parallel

load, external load & charge monitor. Compatible with non-Kongter load banks.

4) Rugged, reliable and durable with very good price.