The High Voltage Inc CDS-2010U / CDS-2010UF are designed for fault location on cable systems rated up to 35kV, where the line to neutral voltage is approximately 20kv. With 1000 joules available at 5/10/20 kV, the CDS-2010U / CDS-2010UF offers a powerful impulse ideal for using acoustic and electro-magnetic detection instruments and is a true controlled/constant energy thumper.



  • Full impulse energy at 5/10/20kV
  • variable hipot/burn in all 3 taps (400 mA @ 5 kV tap, 200 mA @ 10 kV tap, 100 mA @ 20 kV tap)
  • EPR high voltage output cable that stays flexible even in cold weather, TDR/Radar ready, 
  • Extremely durable and portable design with small footprint for years of reliable operation. Available in 120 Vac, 20 A input and 230 Vac, 15 A input (F suffix).