When testing insulation resistance while there
is a presence of voltage (whether ACV or
DCV) on the measured object, conventional
insulation testers are highly susceptible to
damage. With this new line of insulation
testers, it has the ability to switch to voltage
detection mode without damaging the
instrument once it detects the presence of
voltage. It will also display the voltage finding
on the LCD screen. With this new and unique
function, it will allow the user to safely rule
out the possibility of any presence of voltage
on the measured object prior to measuring its


AC/DC voltmeter (600V).
● PI (Polarization Index) indication.
● DAR (Dielectric Absorption ratio) indication.
● Auto-ranging on all insulation ranges.
● Backlight function.
● Bargraph indicates test voltage, rise and decay
can be observed.
● Menu driven.
● Visual and audible warning if external voltage is
present. (≥30Vac or ≥30Vdc)