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GD6800 Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester 12kV

  • Continuously adjustable outputvoltage
  • Secondaryconnected 2 range analog voltmeter
  • 3 range analog currentmeter
  • Guard/groundcircuit for accurate leakage current measurement
  • Transitprotected, glass faced meters to prevent damage in transit
  • Fixedoverload set to 120% of variable transformer rated output current
  • Zero start safetyinterlock
  • External interlockprovisions

GDYZ-301 Lightning Arrester Tester

  • GDYZ-301 Lightning Arrester Tester is the special equipment of testing zinc oxide arrester
    electric performance. It is suitable for testing various voltage levels zinc oxide arrester with or
    without electricity, thus to detect hazards inside the device caused by wet insulation or metal
    oxide varistor (MOV) aging.