The LET-4000-R is designed for high DC current injection, used mainly in the railway industry to test extra fast relays protecting the locomotive’s DC motors. The set is split into two modules: the AC Regulation and Measurement Module and the AC/DC converter. The first module transforms the three-phase AC supply into a 2 VAC, 8 kVA output, adjustable by means of a variac. The second module performs the full-wave conversion to 2 Vdc with 8 kW powe


  • DC Current output to 5000A, 8000W.
  • Built in digital ammeter, 0.5% accuracy.
  • Built in digital timer resolution 1 ms.
  • Thermal and shortcircuit protection.

AC/DC Converter Module rectifies the Alternating Current to work with the above mention unit. The signal is rectified in a complete sine wave. The output are in 2 taps adequately dimensioned. This unit also contains the measurement shunts, which gives the measurement value to the ammeter located in the other module