GDYZ-301 Lightning Arrester Tester is the special equipment of testing zinc oxide arrester electric performance. It is suitable for testing various voltage levels zinc oxide arrester with or Without electricity, thus to detect hazards inside the device caused by wet insulation or metal
oxide varistor


1. 800*480 color LCD touch screen, with high speed thermal printer. 2. Graphic display, intuitive interface, easy to operate and use on-site. 3. Long distance wireless transmission. PT signal wireless transmission distance more than
400m (2000m can be customized). 4. Suitable for testing in various situation such as lightning arrester with or without electricity,
laboratory. 5. Test three phase current, three phase voltage at the same time, more efficient. 6. No strong electricity inside, voltage not more than 12V. Current and voltage sensors are
completely isolated, safe and reliable.