MD 9272

MD 9272 is a unique earth leakage clamp meter. It not just has the ability to
accurately read the TRMS AC leakage current of a system, it can also detect
losses in the system and suggest possible reasons for the loss. The voltage
(AC/DC), frequency, power, harmonic, power factor (PF), total harmonic
distortion (THD) and crest factor measurements make this instrument
suitable for any electrician and engineer.


TRMS: accurate measurements on sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal signals.
• Jaw size: 28 mm.
• Shielded Jaw: shielded jaw allows the clamp meter to be used in the noisiest environments.
• Accurate: readings of AC current with an accuracy of 0.8 % and a base resolution of 0.01 mA
and voltage with an accuracy of 0.5 % and a base resolution of 0.01 V.
• Power: measures various power parameters (active, reactive, apparent power, THD, PF, phase