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MI-3252 MicroOhm

  • Resistance measurement: wide measuring range (10 µΩ… 20 Ω) with high accuracy 0.25 % of reading and resolution down to 1 nΩ, adjustable test current (100 mA … 100 A);
  • Voltage drop measurement;
  • Bar graph: on screen resistance bar

MI 3201 TeraOhm

  • The new TeraOhm 5 kV Plus insulation tester has all necessary features for a profound insulation diagnostics. Automated calculation of PI, DD and DAR, combined with a possibility to perform a step voltage test make the instrument suitable for the most demanding customers and applications.

  • Large LCD display allows real time R(t) graphs to be displayed. Windows compatible HVLink PRO PC Software and either RS232 or USB communications ports serve for connecting the instrument to the PC and management of the recorded test data.

MI 3210 TeraOhmXA

  • MI 3210 TeraOhm XA 10kV is a portable, battery or mains powered test instrument with excellent IP protection (IP65), intended for diagnosing of Insulation Resist- ance by using high DC test voltages of up to 10 kV. Because of its robustness (CAT IV protection) and high immunity to radiated RF fields it is best suited for indus- trial environment.

MI 3280 DT Analyzer

  • The MI 3280 Digital Transformer Analyser is a portable, battery (Li-ion) powered test instrument intended for diagnosing of turn ratio, phase deviation, excitation current and winding resistance of single and three phase transformers. It has

    an excellent IP protection: IP65 (case closed), IP54 (case open) allowing the use of the instrument in harsh environments. The operation is straightforward and clear to enable the user to operate the instrument without the need for special training. For advanced users the AUTO SEQUENCES and visual tests are available.