MI 3280-DT Analyzer

The MI 3280 Digital Transformer Analyser is a portable, battery (Li-ion) powered test instrument intended for diagnosing of turn ratio, phase deviation, excitation current and winding resistance of single and three phase transformers. It has an excellent IP protection: IP65 (case closed), IP54 (case open) allowing the use of the instrument in harsh environments. The operation is straightforward and clear to enable the user to operate the instrument without the need for special training. For advanced users the AUTO SEQUENCES and visual tests are available.



Available functions and features offered by the Digital Transformer Analyser:

  • Turnratio measurement of single and three phase transformers;
  • Phasedeviation between high voltage and low voltage winding;
  • Excitationcurrent;
  • Windingresistance measurement of single and three phase transformers (Power Transformers up to 1,6 MVA).