A regulated 100A continuous or pulsed current output is used for regular resistance measurement. Alternatively a high current pulsed output (1200A maximum at 4V) allows for testing of the latest arcing and main contacts that require more than 500-600A to determine the difference between them, as well as to see if they are able to carry such a current.

An alternative self powered MM200 micro-ohm meter with fixed output ranges of 100A or 200A is also available.


‘Operate’ push button for 100 / 1200A pulse or 100A
continuous with stop, modes of operation (static testing).
Rotary selector switch for Off / 100A (1.999m range) /
100A (19.99m range) / 1200A (1.999m range).
LED indicators for Fault, Over Current, Battery Low and
Multipurpose accessory socket for in-car charging,
remote meter, power out, trigger in and trigger out.