Portable Power Quality analyzer for mono, bi, three phases balanced, medium and low voltages systems.

long lasting battery (over 24h with one charge) and the huge data logging capacity (over 1 year) make it an absolute reliable and professional tool.

LCD graphic display that allows wide flexibility in the (multilingual menu, waveforms, histograms, personalized pages, drawings, diagrams, pictures, etc.)


Automatic verification of the correctness of the device connected to the network

Possibility to use flexible current probe up to 3000A or other captors with full scale set by the user

High capacity batteries that allow a range of campaign more than 24 hours even in the absence of mains power; no country limit when connected to the network

Calculation engine Powerful allowing besides the measuring of all standard electrical parameters (V I P Q A F PF THD% etc.) True RMS (TRMS):

harmonics up to the 50th, dips, swells, micro interruptions and many other