The DTS-100A and DTS-100AF are fully automatic liquid dielectric test
sets, typically used for testing the breakdown voltage level of insulating
oils, hydraulic oils, and other dielectric fluids. The most common world
standards including ASTM D-877, ASTM D1816, and IEC 156 are
preprogrammed into the controls for easy operation.


Clear and easy to use controls
• 128 x 64 dot matrix crystal display
• “12 preprogrammed standard test sequences;
ASTM D1816/12, ASTM D877/13, IEC 156/95, IEC 156/63, ASTM
D1816/84, ASTM D877/87, UTE C27-221/74, CEI 10-1/73, VDE 370, IRAM
2341/72, RVHP 1985, and PN-77/ED4408
• Internal memory holds last 50 tests w/ RS232 interface
• User definable test sequences
• Ambient temperature sensor
• English, German, Spanish, French, Greek
• Thermal printer included