he PME-500-TR can be connected to any AC supply between 100 and 240V. The unit is also powered by internal rechargeable batteries that provide 10-hour operation time, allowing to work also when no AC supply is available. The equipment is provided with special test leads that have a multi-pole connector. Measurement of the contact resistance of each main pole is performed automatically, with a test current of 10 A and a resolution of 0.1 µΩ.

All connection elements are located on the front panel. The test connection inputs are duplicated, as the equipment is supplied with special testing cable leads and there are also 4 mm input taps, with which any other cable can be used.


  • Simultaneousmeasurement for the 3 main contacts (open/ closed) and 2 auxiliary contacts, including pre-insertion resistors (if present in the circuit breaker).
  • Evaluatesthe synchronism between the circuit breaker
  • Determinesthe maximum currents, opening and closing times, simultaneously in both 
  • Evaluatesthe state of the substation’s auxillary batteries by graphically showing the coil 
  • Immediatelydisplays and prints test results, both numerically and