The PTE-100-C and the Plus and Pro versions were designed as powerful, rugged and flexible tools for the wide diversity of maintenance jobs in substations and transformation centers.

Besides the 1000-VA output featured by the three models, the Plus and Pro versions include an independent AC voltage source that can be adjusted in amplitude, frequency and phase angle to further extend the comprehensive number of protection relay types that can be tested. Existing PTE-100-C units can be easily upgraded to a Plus or a Pro by just installing the optional PTE-FCL or PTE-FCN modules respectively into the unit’s lid in a few minutes.



  • Single-phasetesting of AC and DC current or voltage protective relays
  • Testing of MCBs with two or morepoles
  • Knee-point(saturation) analysis on current transformers
  • Directionalcurrent or voltage relay testing (Plus and Pro versions)
  • Synchronization relay testing (Plus and Proversions)
  • Frequencyrelay testing (Plus and Pro versions)
  • Reclosing relay testing (PTE-FCE option required)
  • Differential and three-phase relay testing when combined with other PTE-rangeunits