The PFT Series of portable AC hipot test sets are ideal for a variety of field and repair shop testing applications.The VT33 / VT33F is our lightest portable primary cable fault locator and the only one with an included ac VLF hipot. Designed for cables rated up to 25 kV, it incorporates both a 0 to 13 kV, up to 760 joule thumper and a 0 to 33 kV ac, 0.1Hz VLF hipot capable of testing a 1 uF load, approximately 10,000 feet of shielded power cable. These inexpensive, compact and light weight units are rugged and reliable. Our 3 kVA models feature capacitive load compensation enabling full load testing with a power draw of 1.5 kVA while operating from a conventional line input



  • 120Vac, 60Hz, 10A (VT33) 230Vac, 50/60Hz, 5A (VT33F)
  • 0-33kVac peak @ 0.1Hz, 1uF max load
  • VLF Burner – Arcs cable every few seconds
  • 760 Joules at 13kVdc